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Properties That Require Flagging
Condominiums 1) Condo Association Approval; 2) Flag where Condo Association will allow sign; 3) Provide instructions on where the flag is placed.

Vacant Land - Provide plat map, Google earth map and/or GPS coordinates indicating where the lot is located.

Directional Signs - 1) Obtain owner's permission to place a sign on their property; 2) Provide name and phone number of that property owner.

New Construction - 1) Check with construction foreman to be sure the sign will be out of construction crews way;  2)  If our materials are damaged or destroyed, ASI will bill you.

Properties with underground sprinkler systems or invisible fences - Ask homeowner to place flag away from these systems to avoid damage to their property. 


1)  The installation fee covers installation, removal and maintenance for the life of the contract.  Please DO NOT attempt to move, remove or repair a post yourself.  Contact ASI directly and we will service the post and sign. 

2)  If it is determined that an agent has moved a sign to another property, that agent is to be charged double the installation fee and ASI has the right, at their discretion, to retrieve our post and steel from said property.  If this occurs more than once, ASI has the right to close out that agent’s account and remove all of our property from existing listings.  Sign inventory will be available to that agent 5 days after the last post is removed and as long as that agent’s account with Active Sign Installation is not past due.

3)  The installation charge is a rental fee that covers one property listing and is assigned to 1 agent.  This rental is non-transferrable.  If the listing is transferred to another agent within the company, ASI is to be notified of the change and a fee may be assessed to the agent taking over the listing.  If an agent transfers to another company and takes his/her listings with them but wants to continue using ASI's posts with their new company, a fee may be assessed to switch the listing to the new company. 

4)  ASI is available to perform requested service 5 days per week per their regular schedule.  However, should you need expedited service to be done on a day that is not the normal schedule, a Rush Charge of $20 may be assessed for your request.  

5)  ASI is to be notified immediately of any listing agent’s status change.  This includes agents leaving the business or transferring to another company along with the status of their current listings.   

6)  Posts may remain on properties as long as the listing contract is valid.  In the event the sellers cancel the contract, withdraw this listing, the listing expires, or the property is sold, ASI is to be notified within 48 hours to remove the post and sign.  Please let the property owner know that ASI will be out to remove the post and that they should not attempt to remove it themselves.  If multiple trips have to be made to retrieve our materials because a property owner removed the post and sign and placed it somewhere that ASI could not access it, a trip charge will be assessed to the agent.
If the property has sold and the new owners have given the listing agent permission to leave the sign up with a "Sold" rider on it, the sign may remain up for an additional 7 days.  ASI is to be given the new owners' name and contact info so that we may confirm permission was granted.   

  When a sign is installed, a door tag is left at the property with some basic information about our services so the homeowner can contact us directly if necessary. 

Signs are always placed for maximum visibility and exposure.  If no direction is given, our installers will use their discretion for placement.  If there is a problem with where the sign is placed, contact ASI directly.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MOVE THE POST YOURSELF OR INSTRUCT YOUR SELLER TO DO SO.  ASI installers are trained to install posts safely and legally.  

9)  Snow Removal - While we will remove some snow for the sign installation, we do not have the proper equipment to dig through snow and ice.  It is up to our installer’s discretion in terms of placing a sign near a driveway – if there is evidence that a plow may come through and potentially damage our post and your sign, the sign will be installed further back in the yard.

Removal – notify ASI immediately when a property sells, expires or is withdrawn.  DO NOT attempt to remove the post and/or steel yourself.  Removing the post and leaving the steel exposed is a huge liability to the homeowner.  Contact ASI and we will remove both as quickly as possible.  Occasionally in the winter we are unable to remove the steel due to the ground freezing, however, we always place a protective cap over the steel and let the homeowner know we will return to retrieve the steel as soon as the weather permits.

Brochure boxes – should you choose to use your own brochure box, you must find an alternate way of displaying the box rather than placing it on ASI’s post.  Most companies that sell boxes also sell push-in stakes that the boxes can be attached to.  If we see a box attached to our post that was not placed there by ASI, we will remove it and leave it at the property.

12) Personal property – If you add a rider to our post that you want back, please be sure and retrieve it before we remove the sign.  ASI is not responsible for personal property left on a sign at the time of removal.   

13) Once per month, ASI will deliver materials such as riders to your office at no charge.  Additional trips will be assessed a $12 charge.  You always have the option of picking up your personal belongings at our shop as long as you notify ASI when you are coming so that we can make them available to you. 

14) DO NOT place stickers or put anything on our posts that may damage the finish.  If you need something added to the post, please contact ASI and we will arrange for this to be done.

15) Confirmations: 
If you do not receive an e-mail with an estimated date of completion from me, it means we did not receive your order.  Feel free to send me an e-mail with the pertinent information or call to confirm receipt of the order. 

16) Properties that require flagging: 
a)    Condominiums* – Be sure the condo association will allow signs, find out where the designated area for signs is, and then flag where the sign can be placed.  Provide a description of where the flag is on the order form so that we can locate it particularly if it is not in front of the condo that is for sale. 
b)    Vacant Land/Lots* – In addition to flagging the lot, we will need a plat map or a Google earth map indicating where the lot is located.  GPS coordinates are also extremely helpful in these cases.
c)     Directional Signs* – It is illegal for a sign to be placed in the right of way or on a property that is not for sale unless the owner of that property has granted permission.  If you must have a directional sign, please flag the property where you want the sign, provide detailed instructions along with the property owner’s name and phone number so that we know from whom you obtained permission.  Many offices are now using smaller push-in arrow signs for this as the municipalities are less strict with placement of these smaller signs.
d)     New Construction* – Please provide a plat map along with the lot number and an address if there is one.  Be aware that when you request a sign to be placed on a lot where construction is occurring, there is a high probability that our post and your sign will be damaged or destroyed as the crew does their work on the site.  To avoid this, consider waiting to have a sign installed until most of the construction is completed.  If the sign has to be installed before completion, ask the foreman on site to flag the lot where it will cause the least amount of disruption for the workers.  Please instruct the foreman that our materials are not to be moved by anyone but ASI staff.  If our materials are damaged or destroyed, ASI may bill you for the damage.
e)     Properties that have an invisible fence or sprinkler system.  Ask your seller to flag the property  so that no damage occurs to these underground systems. 
f)      Properties that are tricky to find or don’t have an address listed on the house or a fire number – Detailed instructions to the property should be given – example:  Go 2.5 miles on Main Street, turn west on Church, go 1.3 miles to Olive Road – house is yellow with green shutters, etc.  If you have a photo of the house, please send it along.  GPS coordinates are also helpful.
*Please use only Active Sign Installation flags when marking these properties.  By flagging these properties, it ensures the post and sign are placed in the correct location rather than on an incorrect property.  If you indicate the location is flagged and our installers get to the site and find no flag, you may be assessed a trip charge.  Orders for the above properties that indicate the location is not flagged will not be processed and no sign will be installed.  Please help us provide timely service for your sellers by following these guidelines.

17)  ASI guarantees our workmanship.  If a sign needs repair due to the ground thawing or faulty installation, there is no charge.  If the sign panel fails (either no grommets on the sign or the grommets failed), or if we need to repair a rider that you installed yourself, a trip charge may be assessed.  If the property is outside of Dane County, ring charges will be added to the trip charge fee.  If it is deemed that the sign was moved by someone other than ASI personnel and now needs repair, a fee will be assessed.  If our property is damaged due to someone other than ASI personnel moving or removing our materials, the agent will be charged.  If a sign is moved by non-ASI personnel and property damage occurs, ASI will not be held liable for said damage.

18)  Along with watching for possible repairs on our regular routes, ASI performs periodic spot-checks on posts that are in the field.  If we drive past anything that does not meet our professional standards, we'll stop and repair it leaving a door tag with the homeowner giving you credit for the repair so that they know you are watching out for them.  

19) Sign Specifications:  There is a schematic on our website that gives you details on what size signs work best with our posts and where the holes and grommets should be placed.  Please refer to this when ordering your signs.  Following these guidelines will ensure that when your sign is installed, it looks neat and professional.  Your signs will also last longer, which will save you money.  Should you have any questions at all about sign materials that work best, feel free to give us a call at (608) 212-3600 or send us an e-mail at: mlanger@activesigninstallation.com.

20) Grommets – ASI strongly recommends that all signs have grommets.  This prolongs the life of the sign which saves you money in the long run. 

21) Invoices are sent out on a monthly basis at the beginning of each month.  Payment is due by the 15
th of the month or there may be an interruption in service.  Paypal is available for an additional fee.  Accounts that become more than 60 days past due may be suspended.  If an account lapses more than 90 days, ASI has the right to close out said account and remove all of our materials from the field.  Inventory for that account will be available 5 days after the last sign is removed and the outstanding invoice is paid.    

22)  If any of these terms and conditions are violated by an agent, ASI has the right to terminate that agent's account and remove all of our materials from the field.  Inventory for that agent will be available 5 days after the last sign is removed and any outstanding invoices are paid.  
Please feel free to contact me at 608-212-3600 or mlanger@activesigninstallation.com with any questions, comments or concerns. 

Thank you!  Mary Langer, President/Owner, Active Sign Installation, LLC 



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